How To Replace The Strings Of Your String Trimmers?

Posted by Emma on Feb 19, 2015 in trimmer

Most of the string trimmers that include two cycle gas trimmer, four cycle gas trimmer, corded electric and cordless electric trimmers have one thing in common, their head structure. This makes it simple for the users to replace the heads of any kind of trimmers. If you have well versed the art of replacing the head of one trimmer, you can easily replace the head of the other designs, models and types too.

Here, we review the standard procedure to replace the string of these trimmers. Like cheap echo GT-225 Commercial 21.1cc grass cuter parts

1. Safety Settings
If it is a gas powered trimmer, remove the spark plug. If it’s an electric trimmer remove the power cord or batteries. Make sure the trimmer cannot start in any given condition and situation. You might lose your fingers or even hand if you fail to ensure that the trimmer is no more operational. The string trimmer head is really very dangerous. So, before proceeding to the next steps make sure you did this step properly.

2. Place the trimmer head properly
Place the trimmer head on the ground and place them properly in such a way that the trimmer head does not move when you try to open it and replace the string. The head should be held tightly before opening; in case it is moving, opening a simple screw would become very tiresome for you.

3. Remove the trimmer head cover
There is a protective cover over the head; some of them are fixed with screws while other models might have locks. Open the head cover as per the model and make of your trimmer. It is necessary to remove the cover before replacing the string. After removing the head cover pull out the spool.

4. Arrow and Line Width
Please match the direction of the spool with the arrow in the head and the previously removed spool. Also ensure that the line width matches the specification of the trimmer. The use of a different type of string badly impacts the performance. A heavy duty trimmer mostly uses 0.95 while a light trimmer uses 0.65 strings.

5. Winding the Spool
There are channel holes, you need to insert the strings in those channel holes. Then you need to bend it and anchor it to the place. Then wind the string in the direction of the winding arrow. And it should be noted that the winding should be done in a neat, clean and precise manner to avoid damages and losses. Once the spool is filled, snap the string in the channel retaining notch of the head.

6. Replacing the spool
Replace the spool of the trimmer in the same way as you opened it. Please match the tabs of the spool with the head. Then replace the center nut and replace the head cover.

Most of the trimmer’s strings are replaced in the same fashion. It is recommended to make sure you fixed the strings properly before resuming operations. In case you fail to fix the strings properly it might end up in a dangerous situation. The string needs to be fixed properly or else it would itself become a very dangerous high speed projective with a very sharp edge.


Riding Lawn Mowers

Posted by Emma on Jan 9, 2015 in riding mower

Best riding lawn mower for the money

Riding lawn mowers are a considerate choice for the individuals who own large sized and spacious gardens. However, when you want to mow a garden you need to mow 1/2 acre of land. The mowers are quite costly to purchase but very efficient and reliable in their performance and will require less operating and maintenance costs once they are purchased.

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Riding lawn mowers are commonly available in two categories that are the zero turn radius ones and lawn tractors. Lawn tractors are very versatile due the reason that they have attachments that help in bagging grass clippings and mulching capabilities. You can likewise select them from various reputable and reliable mower brands as well.

With a zero turning radius model, you can cut through shrubs and trees in the first pass and make it to the edge between the tree and grass regions. It is also fast in completing the required job and uses less gas because you can make turns so sharply hence no need to go back and forward to be able to make the perfect cuts. You can purchase a large number of accessories, particularly for the lawn tractors. You can buy plows for clearing snow in winter, attachments that aid in plowing your garden and trailers to haul feed to the livestock or carrying supplies to the garden region.

Important Tips for Servicing Riding Lawn Mowers

  • Check its performance before the mowing season begins.
  • Ensure that the oil is appropriately changed and drained which can be achieved by using oil evacuation systems.
  • Clean the debris from the deck and the blades.
  • Blow the dust that might have covered the engine.
  • Periodically sharpen the blades to enhance accurate cutting of the grasses.
  • Apply grease and lubricate the mower’s pivot points to avoid corrosion.

The downside of the riding lawn mower is the cost. They are more expensive than hand push models or walk-behinds. Moreover, while using the walk behind version there is an excellent form of physical exercise involved in the process of moving and pushing the mower. Another disadvantage with the riding lawn mowers is that if your lawn has extensive landscaping you will need a walk-behind model to get around obstacles because the ride-on mower cannot do this.

Factors to consider when purchasing riding lawn mowers include brand reputation and price along with the basics like: the type of terrain you will cover; the purpose you intend to use your machine for; what it needs to carry out; and the maintenance costs that you may incur in the future. Some of the different mower brands available in the market are John Deere mowers in both zero-turn model and tractor style, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Toro, Craftsman, and Gravely. Toro riding mowers are very popular because their parts are widely and readily available. Also, available in the market are different forms of covers and repair parts.

Purchasing riding lawn mowers is almost as similar to buying an auto-mobile but merely at a lowered price or cost. You have to think critically and evaluate before buying one to make sure that your financial investment is worth the purchase. Be an excellent and a wise buyer to ensure the benefits you will acquire are more as compared to the cost you incurred. Make sure that you appropriately follow the safety tips on the verge of using it, for instance, focusing on the work you are to do.

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